Residents of Scituate complain bitterly to selectmen regarding health problems from town wind turbine

Neighbors who are up in arms over the detrimental health effects of living near Scituate’s town owned wind turbine, aired their grievances to the town’s Board of Selectmen during the October 2nd meeting.  Residents complained about health issues from the town’s new wind turbine located on the Driftway.
Jerry Kelly lives 1,000 feet from the turbine and said it’s like living in a horror movie. “These large blade, industrial wind turbines that are located across from us have broken our sleep pattern, have led to sleep deprivation and other issues for us.  I feel that I’m living, as a result of the shadow flicker and the infrasound as well as the noise, in a bad Hitchcock or Steven King movie”, Kelly lamented.
Seana Cahoon said she’s suffering severe effects from Scituate’s wind turbine as well. “More than once I have awakened and I’ve had this insane dizziness.  I have my eyes open and everything is spinning in my room.  I’m afraid to get up because I know I’m going to fall down!  I remember discussing this with somebody I work with and she said, ‘You should get that checked’ and I said ‘Get what checked? I mean it’s so random, what am I getting checked’? Then, as I learn more and talk more to people, I find this is a symptom; a direct result of living that close to the turbine!”  Reported by WATD-FM radio on October 3, 2012.
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