SouthCoast Today, April 10, 2013
Selectman apologizes for suffering caused by wind turbine

Falmouth Bulletin, January 30, 2013
Selectmen support removal of wind turbine

Providence Journal, August 21, 2012
Jamestown kills wind turbine proposal

Providence Journal, July 16, 2012
Portsmouth wind turbine shut down; needs $460,000 in repairs

Salem Evening News, June 20, 2012
City Should Preserve Sanctity of Winter Island

January 14, 2012
Baystaters battle over wind turbines in neighborhoods

January 12, 2012
Wind Committee Officially Halts Plans for Wind Turbine – Northborough, MA Patch

December 22, 2011
Board rejects Swampscott wind turbine

December 20, 2011
Town (Falmouth) Seeks Public Feedback on Turbine Options
“… possible fates of the turbines, options ranging from further curtailment of their operation to total dismantling and abandonment.”

December 12, 2011
Two videos produced by WindWise examine the health effects of siting turbines in residential areas, and the fast-track political process being employed.

November 14, 2011
Letter: ‘Horrible’ wind turbine threatens Salem neighborhood

November 1, 2011
Another view: City would be foolish to ignore safety concerns

Boston Globe 9/28/2011:
Newly formed group opposed to Salem’s wind turbine proposal hires lawyer:

Salem Evening News 9/27/2011:
Group to fight the plan for a turbine

City of Salem Wind Turbine Feasibility Study:

City of Salem Siting Considerations for a Wind Turbine:

City of Salem Feasibility Study Acoustic Addendum:

Salem Renewable Energy Taskforce:

Articles of Interest

WindWise-Massachusetts Calls for Moratorium on Wind Turbines.
Climatide a service of WGBH: Anti-wind energy group requests temporary moratorium in a letter to the Departments of Public Health and Environmental Protection:

Properly Interpreting the Epidemiologic Evidence About the Health Effects of Industrial Wind Turbines on Nearby Residents.  An abstract from the Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society, on the overwhelming evidence that wind turbines cause serious health problems in nearby residents, usually stress-disorder type diseases, at non-trivial rates. By Carl V. Phillips, Populi Health Institute, Wayne, PA:

Hammered by a Wind Turbine.  Report of personal experience with health affects of industrial wind turbines by Robert Rand, CEO of Rand Acoustics. Posted 4/26/11:


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