Health and Safety

Scituate residents sleepless due to new wind turbine

Living more than a half-mile from the turbine, David Dardi said, he initially couldn’t believe it would make an audible noise, “but the reality is, it does.  Since none of us have ever lived near a windmill, we didn’t know what to expect and relied on our community leaders to protect us. We were told there would be no negative effects.  We now know that to be false.” [ more ]

Kingston MA neighbors of wind turbines complain of ill effects

Neighbors of Kingston’s new wind turbines are making plenty of noise about sleepless nights and anxiety caused by recently installed turbines. [ more ]

One week in, neighbors complain of turbines’ effects

Industrial wind turbines first activated on May 1st in Fairhaven, Massachusetts have triggered health complaints from residents living a half-mile away.  “Sometimes you just get this pulsating sound like there’s an electric bass in your house,” one neighbor reports. “Other times, it’s like a jet engine is hovering over you.”  Others say it’s like living on a highway or always having a train passing by.  Residents report problems with sleep disturbance and irritability due to the low frequency vibrations and noise. [ more ]

Distinguished Doctor Speaks about Health Effects of Industrial Wind Turbines

Dr Robert McMurtry, Order of Canada, records his concerns about the effect of Industrial Wind Turbines on human health … [ more ]

Salem is Foolish to Ignore Safety Concerns

In a recent Salem News article, Lisa Linowes, executive director of writes: “Advancing the notion that these massive spinning structures can safely be erected a few hundred feet from property lines, public areas and rights-of-way sends a dangerous message. Blade failures, fire and turbine collapse are more common than the public has been led to believe.” [ more ]

Safety risk is high for Winter Island site

Wind turbines do not belong in a public park.  The risk of injury to visitors of the park and campground  on Winter Island is too great to be ignored.  General Electric, the manufacturer of the proposed 1.5 MW turbine, recommends a setback to public areas of 426 feet from the turbine. The setback distance for a New England climate increases to over 770 feet due to the risk of ice throw – which is shards of ice flung from the moving blades in freezing temperatures.

Placing an industrial wind turbine on Winter Island simply isn’t safe.  The boat launching ramp, park area, campground, and access roads are within the manufacturer’s recommended setback limit.  Salem city officials and the designer of the turbine cannot ignore these safety setbacks without assuming all liabilities.  Just one lawsuit could exact a large financial cost to the city, and close Winter Island Park, denying public access to this wonderful coastal open space and recreational area.

Monstrous-sized wind turbine 

The City of Salem has proposed a GE 1.5 megawatt commercial industrial wind turbine for Winter Island.  Its blade diameter at 253 feet approaches the width of a football field. The blade swept area of 50,128 feet covers more than an acre of land.  The three blades weigh 7 tons each, and blade tips spin 200 miles per hour at top speed.  From ground to blade tip, the wind turbine stands 389 feet tall.  The height of a 40-story building, it stands taller than the Statue of Liberty and taller than the Zakim Bridge in Boston.   This industrial sized turbine is twice the height of a typical community wind turbine, such as Woods Hole (121 ft), Hull 1 (164 ft), and the IBEW turbine adjacent to the Southeast expressway (149 ft).  How does it make sense to place this monstrous-sized turbine in a public park and residential neighborhood?

Medical study documents adverse health effects 

The Falmouth Board of Health reviewed in March, 2011, the findings of a controlled study conducted by Michael M. Nissenbaum, MD, former Associate Director of MRI at Harvard Hospital, and faculty member at Harvard University.  The study documents the significant risk of adverse health effects on people living 2000 meters (6,562 feet) away from an industrial wind turbine installation in Mars Hill, Maine.  [ more ]

Wind turbine syndrome & the brain

An analysis of the health effects due to wind turbine noise presented by Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD in the keynote address before the First International Symposium on the Global Wind Industry and Adverse Health Effects in Onterio, Canada in October, 2010. [ more ]

Falmouth wind turbine safety concerns

The following presentation to the Falmouth Board of Selectmen in June, 2011, reviews shadow flicker and safety issues including ice throw, blade throw, and fire . [ more ]

Shadow flicker from a wind turbine

Shadow flicker is a strobe-like effect created by the moving blades of a wind turbine passing between a dwelling and the sun.

Wind turbine collapses

Manufacturer setbacks should be heeded. A tower collapse has the potential to cause death or injury to visitors of Winter Island.

Wind turbine accidents

The safety zone for Winter Island’s industrial turbine would encompass a significant portion of the island to protect the public from the hazards shown in this video.

Birds and wind turbine

A 400 foot tall industrial wind turbine on Winter Island would pose a serious fatal hazard to the coastal bird population.

Ice throw from wind turbine

Despite manufacturer assurances that blades will stop spinning when ice forms, the hazard of flying ice shards is real.


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