PMLD appeals to governor about utility costs, turbine issues

Princeton Municipal Light Department manager Brian Allen has written to Governor Deval Patrick, noting that the failed wind turbine project has contributed significantly to the town’s high utility costs. He is seeking financial support from the state. [ more ]

Kittery will sell failed wind turbine

In Kittery, Maine, the town council voted unanimously to offload a wind turbine that failed to live up to its expectations. Council agreed to consider a proposal for $130,000 despite having paid $191,00 for the equipment in 2008.  Installed near the town transfer station, the 50-kilowatt turbine failed significantly, only producing less than 11 kilowatt hours of electricity. [ more ]

Princeton wind project results in electricity rates 36 percent higher than state average

Original projections for the wind turbine showed that Princeton residents would receive a financial advantage. In fact, Princeton residents have suffered a financial loss. The original projections overstated both the kilowatt hours produced, as well as the price of electricity and understated the expenses associated with the project. [ more ]

Jamestown kills wind turbine proposal

The city council in Jamestown, RI voted to stop its wind turbine project due to continuing questions about whether the turbine would generate sufficient revenues to justify the expense of up to $6 million in taxpayer money to install it and connect it to the power grid. [ more ]

Portsmouth wind turbine shut down; needs $460,000 in repairs

In 2009, officials heralded the $3 million installation of a 336-foot-tall wind turbine, believing it would generate dollars as well as watts by selling power into the electric grid.  But the turbine’s recent gearbox failure will cost $460,000 to replace — completely erasing three years of income to the town. [ more ]

Wind turbine plan shelved in Brewster

The town of Brewster put its wind turbine project on hold after county officials told selectmen that solar power is more economically feasible. The market has improved for photovoltaic panels tipping the economics in favor of solar panels. [ more ]

The low benefit of industrial wind

A brief summary of documents by Eric Rosenbloom was cited by the Blue Ribbon Panel on Development of Wind Turbine Facilities in Coastal Waters, N.J., April 2006 and featured in Opposing Viewpoints: Energy Alternatives, Greenhaven Press, 2006. While there has been much written about the effects of wind turbines, the limited benefits of wind turbines has not been highlighted. This article discusses the limited benefits:


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